Mrs. Holm is a wonderful person who really cares about the children she teaches.  She is very encouraging and listens to her students, rather than just telling them what to do.  Mrs. Holm obviously wants to bring out the best musical ability in kids, but she also wants to have fun doing it.  She is the perfect teacher choice for any child who wants to learn piano in a positive, rewarding way.

Soren age 16

Not only are Mrs. Holm's teaching abilities amazing, but her love for music and her students are outstanding too.  Throughout the six or seven years I have known her, I've become more and more appreciative for understanding and kindness to all students and parents.  Mrs. Holm encourages all her students to learn, but wants to assist them in success, rather than making them succeed.  She always listens to her students and adjusts her teaching to their personal needs.  Although I am extremely disappointed to lose her, I'm glad she can teach and bond with new students.

Abbey age 13

As parents, we are grateful for Mrs. Holm's musical philosophy and how she applies it to her teaching of children.  Her primary goal is to instill a love of music in her students.  She also provides a consistently strong backbone of musical skill and discipline.  Mrs. Holm is an astute, intuitive and especially collaborative teacher.  She understands and works with the perspective of the child.  As a result she has created a safe, kind and respectful learning environment, something we have come to cherish as we see her students of all ages blossoming into confident young musicians.

Caedmon and Kathryn-Parents of Abby

Both of my daughters were beginning piano students with limited prior experience and training. Melinda was very adept at assessing the needs and skills of my daughters and creating a customized curriculum for each of them. She also took into account the interests of each child and created an age appropriate incentive program for them. After evaluating the children she competently adjusted their curriculum and assignments to meet their goals. My girls have extremely polar opposite personalities, learning styles and goals. One of my daughters has ADHD. Melinda was amazing with both of them. She managed to teach them both, constructively evaluate them and foster their self-worth and love of music. She has been incredibly reliable, punctual, qualified and warm hearted. She would be a real asset to any child’s education or schools faculty. 

Christy -Parent of daughters, 14 and 8 years old

After two years with Mrs. Holm, my technique, artistry, knowledge about piano theory, and love for music has drastically improved. I recommend Mrs. Holm for anyone wishing to take private lessons or looking for a group music teacher. She has been extremely dependable, patient, punctual and compassionate. I was incredibly lucky to have her as a teacher. I will treasure my time with Mrs. Holm for years to come.

Samantha-14 years old 

Melinda has a deep love and understanding of music. She exudes joy when teaching her students the art of playing the piano. She has a gentle, yet firm approach with instruction and practice of new concepts. Melinda firmly believes in teaching the intricacies of learning how to read music, and her students make fabulous progress because of this.

Mary-parent of 10 year old boy

Ms. Melinda is supportive and extremely helpful. She can play the piano very well and it's always a fun time practicing with her.

-Hudson age 10

Melinda is a great piano teacher who is friendly, helpful and patient.  We have learned so much and would have stayed for years if she wasn't moving. Her next students are we really lucky and we are going to miss her immensely.

Marlo- 13 year old girl and Aurey-11 year old boy

Each of Melinda’s future students will be so fortunate to have her as a piano teacher. Her love for music and her passion as a music educator are inspirational and our kids attribute their enjoyment of playing the piano to the countless hours they have sat side-by-side with Melinda as she encouraged their learning and nurtured a love of the piano.

Dusty and Anneliesen-Parents of 15 year old boy and 13 year old girl